We are the leading company for Ferrari Tour in Italy and sightseeing Tour
Ferrari is one of the most known auto brand in the world. Ferrari unites drivers and fans from all over the world. By choosing Ferrari Italy Tour, leading company in more than 20 years of activity in supercars hiring, you can be one of the few all over the world to get the opportunity to travel driving your Ferrari model. More than this: you can drive your Ferrari while your parents or friends drive their own model.

We say Ferrari Tour in Italy, but we can say Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, Alfa Romeo or just Supercars Tour Italy!

All together, sitting on your Ferrari seat, you can visit the most astonishing Italian places or regions by the road.

Two, three, four or more Ferrari together for your Ferrari Tour in Italy

Don’t like only Ferrari? We offer you your favourite supercars. You and your friends or your workmates will drive your preferred Ferrari or supercars down the roads and the wonderful Italian countryside, free to choose routes or destinations.

We plan carefully each tour, offering you the best options to test the high-performance of your Ferrari. We organize single-day, two-days and up to six-day or more-days tours: each package tour can be designed to suit your requirements (more days, different destinations, addon services).

We’ll give you an experience you’ll never forget, driving a Ferrari down roads surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscape in the world, staying overnight in high-class hotels with great amenities, with intriguing and entertaining activities.

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