Rent a tour with BMW M4 Cabrio

The BMW M4 Cabrio has all the grit of the Coupé, but with the metal roof that folds in 20 seconds is even more “fascinating” and adds the elegance and “charm” typical of the cars discovered. To differentiate the body of the BMW M4 Convertible from that of the other uncovered versions provide the characteristic features of sports cars of the German brand: large air intakes in the bumper, the typical “gills” in the front fenders, the showy bulge on the bonnet and the four terminals round waste. The rear part is among the most successful, with the short trunk and well integrated in the slender silhouettes of the car: a good result for a convertible-coupe, which must hide the bulky metal roof, with its complex electric mechanism that allows it folding into the compartment. In the driving, the BMW M4 Convertible does not behave very differently from that of the coupe: engine, steering, suspension and gearbox confirm that it is a sports car, with supercar performance, only slightly lower than those of the coupe due to the increase of weight due to the folding roof (about 250 kg). However, the differences are almost imperceptible, and there is also a few aerodynamic noise that we had found in the test of the other version. The acceleration is burning, accompanied by a pleasant dark rumble, which becomes even more engaging with the lowered hood. The steering is direct and precise (and passing from the Comfort setting to the Sport there is a decided heavy weight of the steering wheel); the road holding is high, the brakes absolutely up to the situation and the double-clutch gearbox (3,990 euros) is fast in driving passes in aggressive driving, but soft and soft if you travel with quiet rhythms. In short, this cabrio has style and a lot of pepper.

Hire a BMW M4 Cabriolet with Ferrari Tour Italy.


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